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TikTok World Event: Exciting Updates for Ads and Shopping!

TikTok users listen up! The TikTok World Event recently dropped some interesting news about the future of advertising on the platform focusing on trust, efficiency, and simplicity. Brace yourself for the next-gen AD solutions coming in 2023 and beyond!

The event revealed that creativity is key. TikTok understands that creativity is super important for businesses and brands across the board - encouraging brands to produce a range of diverse content to reach wider audiences. To help with this, check out the Creative Centre and Video Insights Tool.

Talking creativity, the event has highlighted TTCM and TTCX, pushing brands to add value to their content (entertainment, education, or community). To do this, mix it up and utilise different forms such as user-generated, professional, and AI-generated to really make your campaigns pop. To help with this TikTok's got your back with new packages and a subscription service through TikTok Creative Exchange.

Shopping on TikTok is blowing up! It's the fastest-growing video platform for personalised discovery as 15% of product discovery happens on the app. And with over 1 billion shoppers worldwide, and two-thirds of users likely to buy something on TikTok, ensure you utilise TikTok shopping ADs. TikTok is a goldmine for driving discovery and action so this is the place to be for brands. On TikTok it's prime time all the time.

The For You Page (FYP) is where the magic happens, filled with stories, trends, and culture - and guess what? People watch ads on TikTok 25% longer than on other platforms, so it's a win-win. Don't forget about Branded Missions, TikTok Pulse, and new Reach and Frequency options to boost your brand's visibility.

Last but not least, TikTok cares about brand safety. They're rolling out the TT Inventory filter worldwide in 2023 to keep your data more secure than ever. Plus, they're partnering with top-notch verification providers like Double Verify, IAS, and Zefr.

So, get ready for some amazing changes on TikTok! It's going to be a great year for brands with more insights, simpler ads, creative tools, and even better shopping experiences. TikTok is where it's at.

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