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TikTok Shop Must-Knows.

If you’re a brand looking to expand into the world of e-commerce via TikTok Shop, here is everything you need to know…

Firstly, what actually is TikTok Shop? Simply put, TikTok Shop is an e-commerce platform integrated within the app, allowing sellers and creators to showcase products which TikTok users can then purchase directly from the app. This can be done through in-feed videos, livestreams and product showcases.

So that’s what TikTok shop is, but why should your brand use it? TikTok believes that their shopping platform authentically reaches and engages its community - so you can widen your business footprint and reach a wider community of shoppers. For example, there are a staggering 10.1 BILLION views on the TikTok Made Me By It hashtag. Not only this, 83% of users in Tiktok’s survey said that TikTok plays a role in their purchasing decisions. So what are you waiting for? Everyone is on TikTok and these figures suggest that your brand should be too.

Now you know what and why, let’s cover how. The first step is sales: your brand’s products must be physical, shippable and meet TikTok’s safety guidelines. TikTok do take 5% commision but there are no other fees! Second there’s shipping, followed by any returns or refunds that may be made. As a brand, you can work with creators to promote your products through TikTok Affiliate, running creator campaigns to maximise your sales. Make sure you utilise promotion tools such as discounts, coupons and flash sales too! Lastly there’s finance settlement: settlement is available daily after orders have been received by your customers and the 14-day return period has passed. Simple!

If you’re not already convinced, TikTok has some killer seller incentives, including low commission, traffic support, free shipping and incentive programmes. For brands like yourself, TikTok Shop seems like it’s the place to be.

Ready to take your brand to Gen-z?