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It’s been said that Gen-Z are going crazy for plant-based diets, yet there’s truth to the stereotype.

They’re leading a generational shift, with 65% stating that they would be open to a more plant-forward diet.

In recognition of World Vegan Month in November, we’re running a live focus group with our network to find out how plant-based FMCG brands can catapult their brands to Gen-Z. We want to find out:

  • The social platforms Gen-Z uses to discover new plant-based FMCG brands
  • Factors which contribute to trusting an influencer recommendation on TikTok
  • The advice they’d suggest to the industry to better engage with Gen-Z

Our Live Focus Group series is a chance for brands to ask our Gen-Z network questions directly. One member of our team will lead the questions, but brands are free to chip in with their own questions and contribute as we go.

DATE: Thursday 21st September

TIME: 11am

There is limited space with just three brand spots available per focus group. Please register your interest by emailing and one of the team will be in touch!

Ready to take your brand to Gen-z?