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The Benefits and Drawbacks of AI in the Workplace.

Artificial Intelligence is officially everywhere and there are never ending arguments as to whether this software can benefit the workplace or rather hinder it. In this blog we’ll delve into this topic, asking the Bulla Co team for their thoughts about AI.

From a brand's perspective, it’s so important to embrace this new technology. Joshua Roche, founder and CEO here at Bulla Co explains how when working with brands, it is key to strike the balance between AI and the human interactions across influencer campaigns to resonate with customers. As AI is only as flawed as the data it is trained on, it can compromise the content it’s producing - so be careful when navigating this software! Rather than viewing AI as a means to replace human interaction in tasks, it should be utilised in revolutionising the work process and enhancing productivity.

Next up, Annabel Mifsud, campaign executive, sees technology like Chat GPT or Notion AI to be both beneficial and useless at the same time. These tools can be great for small fixes such as correcting grammar and rephrasing content in a way that appeals more to target audiences. For example, Annabel explains how ‘when I write influencer briefs for creators, I rely on these AI tools to help me structure my sentences better’. But, it’s important to never rely on AI to create content from scratch - instead input your own content to maintain an authentic tone of voice.

Now let's look at AI from a creative point of view. Rollo Mulliner, creative strategist, agrees that AI has a huge capacity to improve the productivity of creative strategy, and will ‘undoubtedly earn its place as a collaborative search engine within creative marketing’, Even though it’s still in the early stages, the future potential of AI engines may help extend creative thinking and  accelerate understanding of how to structure and present ideas - most likely proving  to be extremely valuable for newcomers in the industry.

Here we can see both benefits and drawbacks of using AI in the workplace. It is clear that AI has a time and place, and is a super helpful tool to enhance productivity, fix small errors and extend creative thinking. But our team also points out that AI shouldn’t be used to replace human tasks, rather just enhance them. We’re excited to see the future of AI and how it might be incorporated into the workplace even further, but for now, let’s utilise human resources alongside AI to maintain a sense of authenticity - you know the saying - ‘don’t fix what isn’t broken’.

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