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It’s time to use Artificial Intelligence to your Advantage: How digital influencers can minimise their workload and inspire creative concepts through the help of AI.

Influencers, listen up! AI can make your life a lot easier, and here’s how…

If you haven’t heard about AI and ChatGPT, maybe you’re living under a rock. Developments in artificial intelligence is the hot-topic circulating the internet this year, but what actually is AI, and how can digital influencers utilise this to their advantage?

Simply put, AI is a machine’s ability to perform the cognitive functions normally associated with human minds such as problem-solving. Now this may seem daunting at first, but when used correctly, this computer software can truly transform your work-life. And who doesn’t want a helping hand to *almost* do your work for you?

AI can save you a ton of time. Can’t think of a creative concept for a brand deal, or a caption for your latest Instagram post? Why not try out AI? Software such as ChatGPT can be used to generate and inspire these tasks, saving you time and giving you a break from menial work. So, if you’re an Influencer, why not try out ChatGPT next time you're struggling to think of a witty Insta caption - you may be surprised!

If podcasting is more your thing, don’t worry, you won’t be left out. There is now an app called ‘Podcastle’ which uses AI-based recording and editing programs which can clone voices for podcast ads - again saving you a ton of time and effort on what would be monotonous tasks. Also, to maximise your efficiency, social media posts can now be automated with AI - check out Rella Social for caption generation, which a bunch of content creators are already using!

Or, if you have trouble staying organised, make sure to look into Notion AI. Notion is already a great app for organising your life, but their new AI feature has recently been implemented which can really help-out influencers like yourself. From helping generate to-do lists and organising different components of brand deals (writing scripts and even filming),  Notion AI is not one to miss!

So, if you’re not already convinced to give AI a go, just think about the future possibilities this software holds! We understand it may seem unnatural, and even intimidating at first, but now is the time to hop on the AI bandwagon - especially if you’re an influencer. Go on, utilise AI software to your advantage and let it save you time - so you have more space for doing the things you love, rather than spending hours agonising over a single Instagram caption.

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